GDPR: the CNIL gives Google Analytics formal notice

Google Analytics

The French data protection authority follows the decision taken by its Austrian counterpart a month earlier. The National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) bangs its fist on the table. The data protection authority gave Google formal notice on February 10 for the transfer of European data to the United States from its Google Analytics … Read more

Telemedicine Potential in 2022


The communication options between doctor and patient have hardly developed since the times of our grandparents. Doctors can easily send digital X-ray images around the world and discuss them with colleagues on other continents via video conference. Most of the small practices are still offline. Many general practitioners and specialists do not even have their … Read more

Cyber Security Attacks

cyber security attacks

Basic forms of cyber security attacks At the point where a digital cyber attack happens to a large organization, the report will make the news and will get a lot of airtime. In a world of virtual money, many thousands of dollars can be impacted by information theft. But it’s not just giant banks that … Read more

Which quantum computers already exist?

quantum computer

In the following, I will give you a detailed overview of the quantum computer offerings that already exist and what concrete plans the industry is pursuing for the future. You will gain an insight into what a quantum computer is and how it can be used. I’ll update this article regularly and keep you up … Read more

Computer Security vulnerabilities

compter security

WHAT IS A SECURITY BREACH? A security flaw or vulnerability designates in computing any weakness in a system (eg a web application). Which would allow a potentially malicious person to alter the normal operation of the system or even to access unauthorized data. The cause is usually unintentional and can lie in the software design … Read more

Difference between privacy data protection & data security

data protection

The terms “data protection” and “data security” are often used incorrectly in everyday language or used as synonyms. A clear and uniform definition of both terms does not exist, but they differ from each other. What is the distinction between information insurance and information security? Every company today is confronted with the terms “data protection” … Read more

Nanotechnology: physics to transform nature


The word physical comes from Latin physics and this is from the ancient Greek (physis) which means natural, related to nature. Physics is, therefore, a branch of science dedicated to studying natural phenomena that occur without the transformation of matter. The phenomena linked to the transformation of matter correspond to another branch of science, chemistry. … Read more

Solar panels are designed to produce energy for 25 years

Solar panels

Despite the need for a long-lasting, reliable solar system, we still see many solar panel brands competing almost exclusively on price. In practice, as some brands skimp on product quality to remain price-competitive, solar panels begin to fail before their expected lifetime is reached. Here are 11 of the most common solar panel failures to … Read more

Data security: Measures to protect data

data security

What is data security? A definition As with the term “data protection”, the question arises here: What exactly is meant by “data security”? What examples are there? The meaning of this term is often not so clear and is usually not used very consistently. Many even use “data security” and “data protection” as synonyms. To … Read more