The History of: Virtual Reality (VR) 2022


Virtual Reality has had an eventful history that picked up speed much earlier than you might think. The abbreviation “VR” is probably familiar to everyone today. Due to the continuing remote work trend and the restrictions caused by the pandemic, virtual reality is becoming increasingly interesting – for companies and consumers alike. Read how Virtual … Read more

Difference between privacy data protection & data security

data protection

The terms “data protection” and “data security” are often used incorrectly in everyday language or used as synonyms. A clear and uniform definition of both terms does not exist, but they differ from each other. What is the distinction between information insurance and information security? Every company today is confronted with the terms “data protection” … Read more

Data security: Measures to protect data

data security

What is data security? A definition As with the term “data protection”, the question arises here: What exactly is meant by “data security”? What examples are there? The meaning of this term is often not so clear and is usually not used very consistently. Many even use “data security” and “data protection” as synonyms. To … Read more

Virtual Reality: The creation of new worlds

Virtual Reality

The media publicity encompassing Virtual Reality is gradually subsiding, yet the innovation remains. How might it change our regular day-to-day existences, and how potential treat glasses hold for organizations? Virtual Reality (VR) has become a ubiquitous topic, embraced enthusiastically across industries. And promising nothing less than a revolution in digital content consumption. The technology is … Read more

The 16 best fitness apps for the Apple Watch

fitness apps for the Apple Watch

The sports & fitness apps for the Apple Watch are not only a useful addition for real sports aces but really for everyone. The versatility of the apps and sensors in particular make the Apple Watch a real sports watch. With the right apps, you can monitor not only your sporting activities but also your … Read more

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: The differences

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Are you interested in the iPhone 12? Here’s what’s the difference between the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 is here and it’s already one of the best smartphones currently on the market. What does Apple’s 5G smartphone have to offer? And how exactly do the specs of the standard version differ from those of the iPhone 12 Pro? That’s exactly … Read more

The US blocks takeover of semiconductor organization by Chinese venture store

united states

Most likely one more episode in the exchange battle between the United States and China. A Korean semiconductor organization, Magnachip, uncovered on December 13 that it was disavowing its takeover by Wise Road Capital, a Chinese speculation store gaining practical experience in the area. In a bad habit among China and the United States China … Read more

5G licenses: Ericsson and Apple amidst a fight in court


In Sweden, Ericsson has recently recorded a patent encroachment objection against Apple. This concerns the installment of eminences for the utilization of 5G licenses in iPhones. An agreement tracing back to 2015 To comprehend the circumstance, we need to return to 2015. At that point, the two organizations went into a seven-year and sustainable agreement … Read more

US sanctions support China’s semiconductor industry


U.S. sanctions sent off by Donald Trump (and kept up with by the Biden organization) are constraining Chinese industry to depend less and less on unfamiliar advancements… what’s more pushing it to speed up on the plan and production of its semi-drivers. This is featured by an article in The Register, because of the most … Read more