Antivirus software is essential for computers. TEST examined which product best protects your PC. The threat from malware, fraud, and other forms of cybercrime is greater than ever. According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), a civil federal authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building, and Community, the … Read more

GDPR: the CNIL gives Google Analytics formal notice

Google Analytics

The French data protection authority follows the decision taken by its Austrian counterpart a month earlier. The National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) bangs its fist on the table. The data protection authority gave Google formal notice on February 10 for the transfer of European data to the United States from its Google Analytics … Read more

Wi-Fi 7: The following standard guarantees 30 Gb/s

SKIN DEBIT Semiconductor creator MediaTek just did the primary live show of Wi-Fi 7 and it's noteworthy

SKIN DEBIT Semiconductor creator MediaTek just did the primary live show of Wi-Fi 7 and it’s noteworthy Wi-Fi 7 as quick as Ethernet? That is what the up and coming age of customer remote systems administration guarantees: blazingly high paces – 30 Gbps – with a similar number of radio wires as Wi-Fi 6. found … Read more

Toshiba amends its rebuilding plan even with questions from its investors


The Japanese firm has been in trouble for quite some time. While its unfamiliar investors never again believe in the administration. Toshiba reconsidered its rebuilding plans by declaring that it would ultimately part into two rather than three. With this change, the Japanese aggregate desires to quiet the eagerness of its unfamiliar investors, with whom … Read more

Beijing castigates the America Competes Act and speaks of a “new cold war”

United States

Beijing’s reaction leaves no room for doubt: this bill will intensify the technological rivalry between the two great world powers. Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, points out that the America Competes Act contains inappropriate remarks on Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called … Read more

Google: an increased reality headset in 2024?

increased reality

The Iris undertaking would be in rivalry with those of Apple and Meta. After suspending its Daydream VR headset a couple of years prior, Google has begun to increase work on an expanded reality headset. With its Iris project, planned for a send-off in 2024, the organization expects to get up to speed with its … Read more