A “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) is a helpful thing: It can be used to easily ward off snooping, hide personal data and the current location, transfer data securely, and much more. A VPN is known for hiding users’ IP addresses and locations, but there are other ways a VPN can improve your security when browsing … Read more

How robots are changing our lives


A bit of science fiction is part of everyday life: robots have long since found their way into our homes. How are the helpers already changing the way we live and work? They have already arrived in our household: robots. Whether as vacuum cleaners, floor wipers, or lawnmowers – the technical helpers simplify our lives … Read more

Cyber Security Attacks

cyber security attacks

Basic forms of cyber security attacks At the point where a digital cyber attack happens to a large organization, the report will make the news and will get a lot of airtime. In a world of virtual money, many thousands of dollars can be impacted by information theft. But it’s not just giant banks that … Read more

Which quantum computers already exist?

quantum computer

In the following, I will give you a detailed overview of the quantum computer offerings that already exist and what concrete plans the industry is pursuing for the future. You will gain an insight into what a quantum computer is and how it can be used. I’ll update this article regularly and keep you up … Read more

Computer Security vulnerabilities

compter security

WHAT IS A SECURITY BREACH? A security flaw or vulnerability designates in computing any weakness in a system (eg a web application). Which would allow a potentially malicious person to alter the normal operation of the system or even to access unauthorized data. The cause is usually unintentional and can lie in the software design … Read more

Nanotechnology: physics to transform nature


The word physical comes from Latin physics and this is from the ancient Greek (physis) which means natural, related to nature. Physics is, therefore, a branch of science dedicated to studying natural phenomena that occur without the transformation of matter. The phenomena linked to the transformation of matter correspond to another branch of science, chemistry. … Read more

Solar panels are designed to produce energy for 25 years

Solar panels

Despite the need for a long-lasting, reliable solar system, we still see many solar panel brands competing almost exclusively on price. In practice, as some brands skimp on product quality to remain price-competitive, solar panels begin to fail before their expected lifetime is reached. Here are 11 of the most common solar panel failures to … Read more