Botnet attacks: How to stop and prevent 2022

Keep your software up to date

New viruses and malware are developed every day. Therefore, your entire system must be also up to date to thwart botnet attacks.

Many botnet attacks aim to exploit vulnerabilities in apps or software, many of which may already be fixed in the form of security updates or patches. So make it a habit to update your software and operating system regularly. After all, you don’t want to get infected by malware or other types of cybersecurity threats just because you neglect to update your software.

Monitor your network closely botnet attacks

Monitor your network carefully for unusual activity. You can do this much more effectively if you have a better understanding of your typical traffic and how it typically behaves.

When possible, the network should be monitored 24/7 using analytics and data collection solutions that can automatically detect suspicious behavior such as botnet attacks.

Monitor failed login attempts

botnet attacks
Login Screen

One of the biggest threats to online businesses is account takeover or ATO.  Hackers often use botnets to test large numbers of stolen username/password combinations, thereby gaining unauthorized access to user accounts.

If you monitor the typical rate of failed login attempts. You can define a threshold and set up alerts to notify you of spikes in failure. Logins that may indicate a botnet attack. Note that so-called low-and-slow attacks originating from a large number of different IP addresses may not trigger these botnet attack alerts.

Implement an up-to-date botnet detection solution

The best strategy for protecting your website and web server from botnet attacks is to invest in an advanced bot fighting service like DataDome, which can detect botnets in real-time.

While botnet operators are now adept at disguising the botnet’s identity. DataDome’s AI-powered solution can perform real-time behavioral analysis to detect botnet traffic. And block all botnet activity before it even reaches your web server reach.

DataDome aggregates data from thousands of websites analyze billions of requests every day and uses state-of-the-art machine learning to continuously update the algorithm. This allows the botnet prevention solution to detect both known botnets and new threats in real-time.

And best of all: DataDome does not require active botnet protection or other daily interventions on your part! Just whitelist trusted partner bots. And DataDome will take care of all the unwanted traffic while you focus on more valuable projects.

Finally a review of botnet attacks

Botnet attacks can be extremely dangerous. With the help of the above methods, you can set up an effective defense against botnet and malware attacks. In general, however, investing in real-time botnet detection software such as DataDome remains. The best way to protect your website from malware infections.

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